My day with UR bag.

My day with UR bag.
Hi everyone! In this post I will tell you what my day is like when I’m in Warsaw and how much UR handbag helps me to always have everything with me and look stylish the same time.
I wake up around 8 am and I immediately get out of bed, I'm not the type of person who sets four snoozes:) I make sure that my sleep lasts 9 hours. This is very important to me and then I am 100% ready for the whole day and trainings. I take a shower, brush my teeth and after applying a moisturizing cream, I make a light makeup. I don’t put strong make up everyday, because I think it’s adding me more years:) I make breakfast which is usually porridge on almond milk with fruits, honey and chia seeds. And of course cappuccino with almond milk and yes, I'm addicted to coffee:) But I don’t drink more then two a day. Depending on how I’m dressed, I choose one of UR bags and pack for the whole day. Each of the bags has a separate pocket for shoes, which I love because I put there training shoes. I put in leggings, T-shirt, sports underwear and a towel inside the bag. I also throw in my vanity case and wallet. 
My must have in a purse is an energy bar with natural ingredients that I eat during training or just when I'm hungry, I put it in a side pocket of my bag with headphones. Usually I have two trainings a day so then I pack two sets of workout clothes (everything fits :)). I take UR purse on one shoulder and tennis rackets on the other. I start training at 10 am on the court and it lasts for 2 hours. Later I eat lunch with lots of carbohydrates so I will have strength for the second workout at the gym which I start at 2 pm. At 4 pm I am already free, I drink a cocktail which I do at home in the morning and I go to an arranged meeting. Recently, these are things related to the UR brand, we want to develop all the time and we are already planning a second collection. I don’t always find time for meetings during the day because very often after the training I have a massage or a visit with physiotherapist. About 6 pm I come back home, I make tea (I love the herbal ones like chamomile) and I love to sit on my favorite couch. I answer to all the e-mails and later I just relax by watching the series or reading a book. My favorite series is 24 hours. I don’t always cook in the evening so I order supper on the phone. But this is not a famous pizza delivery, it’s of course healthier versions of meals :) Before bed I stretch, then I wash my make-up off and I'm ready to sleep. I go to sleep around 11 pm. 
Purse UR gives me the opportunity to carry only one bag during the day, where everything will fit. It’s a great convenience for me and at the same time I look elegant because it’s a leather product.
Happy New Year!!!

Thanks to UR purse I am prepare for the challenge every day! Elegance, originality and incredible comfort are aspects that have drawn me to the world of UR.

Ania Jagodzińska

The first Polish model on the cover of the American Vogue, May 2009. Performed on the catwalks, among others: Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli