Why is it worth having UR product by Urszula Radwanska

Why is it worth having UR product?
Hey hey, I'm writing to you from ... home :) Yes, this time I'm sitting comfortably on my couch in Warsaw. I am extremely happy how many great messages and comments come to me regarding my UR project. It gives me motivation to create another collection, which I already have in my head :) 
In the previous post you could see how I took care of every detail when designing my bags. In addition to the functionality that is unique in UR bags, I would like to introduce you to my vision of UR bags, which is why I created a product line that I also needed myself.
So if you have not yet entered the world of UR, make sure you read it!:)
1. Like most women I love handbags :) However, looking through fashion that is constantly changing, buying handbags every time accordaning to trends is getting very expensive. That's why I created a UR purse that can be used throughout the year regardless of the trends and always look elegant and luxurious.
2. We always like to have a choice in every area of ​​life. An elegant version of the UR handbag ideal for business meetings or maybe a more sporty character thanks to webbing belts?You have a choice depending on your mood :)
3. The durability of the UR bag is guaranteed by naturally tanned leather and a carefully selected selection of individual parts of the bag. UR handbags are an investment for years that quality guarantees.
4. Production in Poland, we try to support Polish people. I represented my country at the Olympic Games and it obliges, that is why we produce in Poland and we are proud of it.
5. Bag capacity is another plus. We will fit all the necessary things for the whole day or even for a short trip out of town.
6. UR is a luxury brand, therefore it will always add elegance and prestige to your outfit.
7. Limited number of bags guarantees originality. Because success is achieved by individuals who want to stand out from the crowd and are not afraid to go their own way.
8. Convenience. One even fully packed bag weighs less than two smaller ones and is additionally designed to be as comfortable as possible thanks to wide straps that have been lined with leather and an additional shoulder pad.
Next post soon!

Thanks to UR purse I am prepare for the challenge every day! Elegance, originality and incredible comfort are aspects that have drawn me to the world of UR.

Ania Jagodzińska

The first Polish model on the cover of the American Vogue, May 2009. Performed on the catwalks, among others: Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli