About Us

Living on the go, on the run, shaping everyday life so that it provides as much pleasure as possible. Each of us is looking for balance, aesthetics and harmony in our lives. Creating the UR brand, I knew that the combination of these elements will perfectly reproduce my experiences and dreams.

To make the reality more beautiful than dreams, create something special, set new standards - that was my goal.

UR is my DNA. This brand has been established to give everyday life a more beautiful, comfortable and more practical dimension.

Life is a great journey on which we take what is most important to us.

I hope that your travels - those close and far ones - will abound in many beautiful moments with UR bags.

UR is a brand created by the world-famous tennis player - Urszula Radwańska. Inspired by the needs of luxury goods consumers, UR handbags are a unique combination of elegance, style and comfort. Thanks to innovative technology, regardless of the lining, UR bags do not deform.

A reliable selection of the highest class materials and attention to high quality finish are the trademarks of the UR brand. Only refined leather is used for production, and all products are made by hand.

With the UR bag you will have the upper hand!

Thanks to UR purse I am prepare for the challenge every day! Elegance, originality and incredible comfort are aspects that have drawn me to the world of UR.

Ania Jagodzińska

The first Polish model on the cover of the American Vogue, May 2009. Performed on the catwalks, among others: Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli