Where did the idea and inspiration for creating the UR brand come from?

Strong, motivated ,brave in realizing passions and dreams. This is me Urszula Radwanska, a tennis player since childhood and recently combining tennis and fashion in my life. Find out how my UR brand was created.
My life is in a constant run. The professional sport that I train is associated with sacrifices, discipline and frequent trips around the world, from Europe to the USA and Australia. At some point in my tennis career I could not compete or even train, because no physical effort was indicated for my health. I had to slow down. For a very long time I felt limited, powerless. I have a character that does not let me sit at home long and just wait so I decided to change it. I started to think what new challenge I want to achieve, something that will be part of me and what I know. 
Sitting on such a beautiful sunny day in the cafe, watching passing people hurrying to work, came to my head the idea to create something unique and innovative-collection of UR handbags. Their functionality is one of a kind, and the convenience of UR's products has already surprised many people. But how? Well, people inspired me. Elegantly dressed, formal and very often with two bags on the shoulder, one elegant and the other sports for the gym. I thought: many times I am also in this situation, running for meetings between trainings. Then I always took two bags, and how nice it would be to have one. And here I used my experience related to purses, which I have always been interested in. I created UR brand - a luxury bag that will fit more. The bag has a special separate pockets for shoes or, if you prefer, this place is perfect for a box with food. There are also a few very functional solutions that can help you make everyday life easier. Here is an example, very common snap hook for keys are on long straps, which in my bags are short. Thanks to this, I do not overturn the contents of the bag upside down to pull the keys through the entire length of the bag. And it is known that the keys always land on the very bottom of the bag despite the fact that we throw them as the last:) Just like in women's bags, I chose this solution also in male models.
By choosing UR, you are moving into the world of strength, success and courage. The topic of functionality will be in a separate article on the blog soon, see you soon!

Thanks to UR purse I am prepare for the challenge every day! Elegance, originality and incredible comfort are aspects that have drawn me to the world of UR.

Ania Jagodzińska

The first Polish model on the cover of the American Vogue, May 2009. Performed on the catwalks, among others: Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, Roberto Cavalli